Over the past decades, gamer’s ability to build communities has solely been limited to in-game chat, websites, and group communication. However, it is pointed out that this revolution was striking, being named Discord Servers in the gaming world, thus leading to the opened communication gateways.

Discord servers act as one big electronic hangout room where gamers engage in chats, share voices, and exchange various content items, including images and videos, with fellow gamers in comparison to other online venues.

What’s The Best Part?

These servers come equipped with a plethora of nifty features as well as a variety of personalization choices, making them well-suited for the establishment and administration of gaming communities.

But before diving deep into Discord, let’s know a bit about the past gaming communities.

The Early Gamining Communication

Talking about the early days, communication in online gaming was simple or not developed at such a level as compared to how it is now. Gamers initially used external forums and in-game chat systems to communicate with one another.

In the late 90′s and early 2000s, online forums were where gamers used to converge. Topics included playing styles and equipment suggestions that created an environment of community within the realm of internet gaming.

With the growth and development of gaming, the spectrum of interests became broad as well. There were specialized forums where certain genres, platforms, and even game-specific ones emerged. Micro-communities facilitated players’ communication beyond the game they played together.

The recent introduction of Massive Multiplayer Online Games (MMOs) marked the dawn of another age for gaming communities. The interaction and collaboration were facilitated in the virtual worlds, where players could meet each other unlimitedly like never before.

Immersion into an extensive digital world is ensured even by some games, such as bonus buy slots. The players sought out ways of bonding over their goals, irrespective of the digital environment. Forums represented intermediaries between an in-game experience and wider gamers.

However, it was Discord that truly revolutionized the way gaming communities interacted. In a few years, Discord servers have become popular because they give gamers a dynamic and feature-rich way to meet.

What is the Discord Servers Known for?

Discord Servers, launched in 2015, are very popular with players nowadays. It enables gamers to chat and host their favorite games for free so that they can form communities.

You may visit Discord online or download it to your desktop or mobile device to stay in touch with your gaming friends.

Discord’s Got Features

Discord is packed with features that make it a must-have for gaming communities.

  1. Voice Channels: These channels let gamers chat with each other in real-time using their voices instead of typing away like it’s the 1990s.
  2. Text Channels: These are like digital chat rooms where folks can talk through text messages and share links, images, and other cool stuff.
  3. Server Organization: Discord lets you neatly arrange your servers into different categories and channels, making it easy to find what you’re looking for.
  4. Mobile-Friendly: The mobile app ensures you can stay connected with your community while you’re on the move.
  5. Integrations: Discord plays nicely with various gaming platforms, so you can easily connect with other gamers and share the latest info about your favorite games.

Perks of Discord Servers over Forums

Discord servers come with a boatload of benefits for gaming communities. Here are some of the major advantages:

  1. Crystal-Clear Voice Communication: Discord’s voice channels ensure that players can communicate smoothly and without any hiccups during gameplay.
  2. Quick Server Setup: Setting up your own Discord server is a piece of cake, and you don’t need to be a tech wizard to do it.
  3. Full Customization: Server owners can get creative with the layout, roles, and permissions, making their community’s experience uniquely tailored.
  4. Game Platform Integration: Discord can easily link up with gaming platforms like Steam, Twitch, and Xbox Live, allowing gamers to share and play games across different systems.

But There’s Even More to Love about Discord Servers

  1. Minimal Latency: Discord’s servers are built for speed and ensure smooth and dependable communication during gameplay.
  2. Mobile App: With the Discord mobile app, players can stay connected on the go, joining voice channels and chatting with friends no matter where they are.
  3. Bots: Discord bots can be added to servers to automate tasks, help with moderation, and even provide fun mini-games and activities for community members.
  4. Community Engagement: Discord offers various tools for connecting with community members, including announcements, polls, and server-wide events.

Whether you’re a casual gamer or a die-hard enthusiast, Discord gives you everything you need to stay connected and build a lively community centered around your favorite games.

Creating Your Own Discord Server

It’s easy to create a Discord server for gamers to chat on. Make and set up your own Discord server with this straightforward, step-by-step guide.

1. Server Creation: Step 1

Enter Discord and find the “+” icon in the left column to start over. Click “Create Server.” Next, name your server and select the nearest area.

2. Server Setup: Step 2

After birth, dress your server. Create channels first. Create channels for voice and text chats, just like rooms, to hang out with friends.

Set roles and permissions afterward. Roles determine who can do what like server VIP passes. Open the “Roles” tab in your server settings and create roles with particular rights.

3. Server Customization: Step 3

After setting up roles and channels, make your server feel at home. Use a server icon and a layout that suits your gaming group.

You can also give members personalized chat emojis. In your server settings, choose “Emoji” to add your own emoji images.

Powering Up with Discord Bots

One of the coolest things about using Discord servers for gaming communities is the ability to supercharge your server’s functionality with Discord bots. These bots bring useful features and interactions to your community.

Here are a few popular bots and what they can do:

1. Bot Name: MEE6

It’s a moderation bot that can manage roles, track server activity, and even send welcome messages.

2. Bot Name: Rythm

A music bot that plays songs from YouTube, SoundCloud, and other platforms to keep the groove going.

3. Bot Name: Tatsumaki

This one’s a leveling bot, dishing out experience points to members for being active and letting them level up in style.

Discord bots can really charge up your server and make it a more engaging and useful platform for your gaming community. Take a look at the different options and find the bot that’s just right for your needs.

Advantages of Privacy and Security on Discord

Discord takes privacy and security seriously, and there are several measures you can take to ensure a safe and secure environment for yourself and your community.

You should develop and use a password that is not easy to guess as well as incorporate two-factor authentication measures to safeguard your private data. You should also keep checking and updating your server’s permissions and role list so as to stop foreigners from accessing private paths or information.

In addition, Discord comes with moderation features that enable server administrators and moderators to block objectionable content and kick troublemakers.

It is important that you know how to detect fake or phishing emails. Do not click suspicious links, and do not disclose personal details if you notice suspicious messages. Inform the Discord Server’s support team and immediately report suspicious activity.

Future of Gaming Communities: Discord’s Impact

The introduction of Discord servers has revolutionized the gaming industry, and it is safe to say that their influence will only continue to grow. As more and more gamers realize the benefits of using Discord servers to connect and communicate, the future of gaming communities looks bright.

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