Why Is PC Gaming So Expensive? (Top 10 Reasons)

There are some gamers, admittedly usually members of the younger generation, who could not imagine why anyone would want to spend their time gaming on a computer when they can experience the latest graphics and large screen experience of the PlayStation 5 or another leading console.

Conversely, PC gamers of all ages would happily spend hours upon hours telling you of the myriad benefits of PC gaming, and if you are certainly in the latter group, then continue reading to discover the latest exciting predictions and developments in PC gaming. 

Virtual Worlds Are Expanding 

First and foremost, for PC gamers who enjoy immersive gaming and often spend time deactivating both main and side quests alike in favor of wandering around and exploring the world for hours on end, your world is about to get a whole lot bigger.

Horizon Forbidden West (the sequel to the incredibly well-received Horizon Zero Dawn) is an excellent example of what is to come, with the ability to even purchase add-on extensions to an already humongous world. 

Project Artemis, showcased at the GDC in late March 2023, is a PC and console game in development, which is going to be a virtual planet that claims to be as large as an actual planet. 

Expanding Whispers of a 100% AI-Powered Game 

PC gamers the world over who are not just curious and enthusiastic about the inevitable takeover of AI across every technological device and future invention sooner rather than later but are looking forward to it will rejoice to hear of the development of a 100% AI-powered game. 

Essentially, what will set apart these types of games from other AI-influenced games that have already been released (to rave reviews, no less) is that instead of the game-makers employing artificial intelligence as a production element, AI will run live while you are actively playing. 

Sports Games Fans Are Engaging in Online Betting 

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An Extra Key on the Keyboard 

Finally, after more than thirty years of never changing, the mighty powerhouse Microsoft has announced they will soon be releasing a new wave of computer keyboards with an additional key. 

The key, named the ‘Copilot’ key, will likely replace the Windows icon button and will become influential in immersive and open-world games, mainly to act as the character’s thought processes and consciousness, which will use AI to interact with the environment. 

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