Almost anyone who likes online betting is interested in casinos because those websites have become the go-to option in the last couple of years. Sports betting is also popular and has many loyal fans, but it seems like more people are into casinos. That’s one of the reasons why this in-depth casino guide by Betenemy will reveal all of the important information about those sites and things you can expect. The reviews always contain info about the games, software provider, bonuses, safety features, payment options, and more. 

Some people may think that every casino offers the same games and promotions and that the difference is mainly in the design. There are cases where this is true, but choosing a top-rated online betting platform requires you to know what you’re looking for. Consequently, this guide will try to provide you with the needed information that will allow you to learn more about these sites.

Only a few online casinos will offer you games that are not accessible anywhere else.

One of the reasons why many gamblers do not want to waste time when it comes down to finding a specific online casino is the games. Unfortunately, many gambling companies have almost the same slots and games as real dealers because they’ve partnered with the leading casino software companies. Even though there are a couple of big names out there, only a few have games that are on another level, which is why they are available everywhere.

The good news is that a few rare gems will give you access to unique titles. These casinos have their own software developers whose job is to create unique games that are not available elsewhere. Aside from slot machines, you can also find things like blackjack and roulette variations.

Sadly, these games are often no match for the popular options from the world’s leading software brands. Aside from the graphic and sound effects, some of these games may not provide users with any in-game bonuses. That’s one of the reasons why players prefer using popular games.

Before choosing which casino game to play, look at the RTP rating

People who are unfamiliar with online casinos will be blown away by the number of games they will have access to. Unlike the standard casino operators, where gamblers can use a couple of slots and one or two roulette tables, their online counterparts often provide thousands of titles. Needless to say, every game has up to 100 or even 200 versions that include all sorts of things.

Having access to good graphics, in-game bonuses, and loads of sound effects is great, but there is one essential thing that many people forget – the RTP rating. Some of you probably don’t know what it is, but RTP stands for “Return To Player.” This is a percentage that shows how much of the money people use on the game is given back to them. 

As you can probably guess, having access to a game with a higher RTP rating means you could win more often. That’s why most titles offer around 95% or even more. Sadly, some of the lesser-known gambling companies do not offer such high percents, even for their most popular games. That’s why you need to check this stat before you decide what to use your money on.

Online casinos have a demo mode.

While we are on the topic of using money, we must remember that online casinos have one huge advantage over their regular counterparts – the demo mode. Although some sites might have yet to include this feature, almost any online casino at Betenemy and other platforms offer the demo mode. 

People who are unaware of this option will be surprised by the fact that the site allows them to play for free, but this is usually the case. However, the demo mode only works for certain slots, not for things like live casino games. This means you won’t be able to try every game for free.

Once you find a title that supports this feature, you will see that there is no need to open an account. What’s even more impressive is that you get a lot of additional funds and can reset the amount every time. In other words, you can play for free as much as you want.

After you get comfortable with the given title and you know what to expect, you can make a deposit and start playing for real money.

You may think that you will be anonymous while betting, but this is not always the case.

One of the many reasons why online betting is so popular is that people can stay anonymous while playing, at least that’s what most of them think. Thanks to digital currencies and other payment solutions, gamblers can play the games they like without revealing any personal data. However, there will be a time when they have to complete the KYC process, which means they need to reveal everything to the given operator.

KYC stands for Know Your Customer, and it is a process that you will find while using any online casino. Whether it focuses on slots or offers tons of games with real croupiers, you will need to verify your identity before you can make a withdrawal. Some places even want you to do that as soon as you sign up.

Verifying your identity requires you to send copies of specific documents. Even though the casino must keep this data safe and not share it with anyone, there are cases where this may not be the case. Aside from hackers. your personal data might be given to the authorities if they make an official request to the gambling company. 

Providing false information to complete this process won’t allow you to make a withdrawal, so you have to be “transparent” if you want to go through it successfully.

Sometimes, you may have issues with your authorities

The last important thing you have to know about online casinos before you start using them is that all of them need to have a license. Some brands obtain permits from multiple authorities, but others only focus on the popular ones.

You may not have any problems, but some jurisdictions are more demanding when it comes down to online casino licenses. Hence, this is something that you need to check before you start using a specific brand.

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