The advent of the Internet is on the top of the list of the most significant technological innovations ever invented. It has led to the digitalization of the gaming industry, which continues to grow in popularity. And gamers worldwide stand to benefit from this venture the most. The easy availability of games on online platforms is taking over the sector by storm. But why is this? Is it merely an endeavor by gaming companies to stay ahead of changing times? Or is it an unavoidable phase in the evolutionary calendar of games?

Online games are currently found everywhere. On our PCs, consoles, mobile phones, and iPads. There are even casino games like slots that are administered on online casinos’ websites, such as And there are different types of online games. They are diverse variations to suit every kind of preference. Some people like shooter games, others prefer adventure games with horror elements such as the slender man franchise. Some like to compete against opponents, another group loves games that allow them to interact with the environment. Before we look at why you should be playing your favorite games over the internet, let us discuss the various kinds of online games.

Categorization Of Online Games

First-Person shooter 

A very popular genre in esports. They revolve around the concept of ‘shoot before you are shot’. In the past decade, you could only play against the computer system or your friends. But when they moved online, they became largely multiplayer. Gamers battle the world head-on. Developers are constantly launching new titles each year, and there is always a trending game.

Real-Time strategy games

These games dominated the multiplayer arena looking before the age of battle royale. They were supported on LAN devices that featured predominantly in the 90s. However, the popularity of real-time strategy games is steadily decreasing. We can attribute this to changing trends in technology that influences gamers’ preferences.

Multiplayer online battle arena games

Most gamers claim that MOBA games are highly addictive compared to other genres. They are typically strategy-based games set on a predefined battlefield where opposing teams compete against each other. If you have attended a gaming tournament before (offer streamed one online) the players were probably competing in a multiplayer online battle arena game.

Online casino games

The gaming and betting sector is transcending traditional rigid mindsets that were attached to casino games. Their move into the online setup enhanced accessibility. Gamblers can now play their favorite casino games from anywhere and at any time, so long as they have stable internet connectivity and a PC or smartphone. Digitized forms of games like roulette, poker, baccarat, and slots are found in numerous casino-affiliated websites and mobile phone apps globally.

Board games

Conventional board games like monopoly, chess, and Scrabble are featuring increasingly more across online platforms. There are plenty of versions making them highly interesting. They are popular amongst gamers after the social aspect because they are typically multiplayer.

Sports games

Perfect for avid gamers who are also staunch fans of sports. They allow online gamers to manage or play in teams. Whether you are into football, basketball, golf, hockey, or cricket, there is a sports game to cater to players’ diverse needs.

So, Why The Growing Popularity Of Online Games?

  • Versatile game options

There is increased diversity in the online gaming sector. Software developers and programmers are constantly working to improve or create games with better virtual environments or complex graphics. There are thousands of online games you can pick from depending on your preference. There are numerous choices for players from various nationalities, age-groups, and occupations.

  • Increased accessibility

The global availability of internet services is connecting millions of people across multiple platforms. Players from different countries (continents even) can interact virtually in digital worlds. As long as one has stable connectivity and access to a computer or smartphone, they can log into websites or download apps that enable them to play with or against a worldwide audience.

  • Impacts learning and development

Scientific evidence indicates that online gaming has a tremendous effect on the learning and development process, especially in young children. Skills such as memory, concentration, and manual dexterity are honed.

  • Enhances social interaction

Most online games are interesting when played against opponents, or in collaboration with strangers in a team. This fosters genuine feelings of community. And in some cases, these virtual interactions materialize into relationships with time.

Final Take

Online gaming is steadily carving its niche in the industry. Gamers from a few decades ago would not believe the transition gaming has gone through to what we see and experience today. If you are a fan of games or are just curious, try playing on an online platform. You are sure to feel the difference.

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