Educational apps are excellent for allowing students to take a break from conventional learning. They’re perfect because they teach kids the concepts they need to know in a fun and entertaining way. Kids of all ages should be allowed to decompress with fun games as this allows their brains to rest and process the information absorbed thus far.

As a college student, sometimes, it might seem like your academic workload is always overwhelming. You will have moments when you’re always wondering, “who will help me write my dissertation for me?”. Thankfully, you can always turn to online academic helpers for assistance. You can then use the little time you’ve created to take a break from your academics. After all, being a student does not mean you always have to be studying or doing assignments.

Technological advancements have allowed developers to create impressive educational games that any student would enjoy playing. Since most college students have smartphones, they can easily download educational game apps and click on them when they need to shift their focus from academics for some time. Whether you own an Android or iPhone, you will find games apps that are compatible with your device.

Mobile game apps give students a mix of education, creativity and fun with the click of a button. While some games might be simple to play, the concept behind them ensures that you relax and let your brain take a break from critical thinking. As a parent, you should consider looking for educational games that you enjoy so you can use them as an interactive and bonding medium between you and your kids.

The appropriate game will set your child free and allow you to understand their personality traits better. Whether you are solving a word puzzle or playing a game that tests skill levels, this is your opportunity to learn your kid’s strengths and weaknesses. If you’re ready, let’s take a look at these ten games your kids would love.

MentalUP Educational Games

This game up is excellent because it is compatible with iPad, iPhone, and Android devices. So, if your child has their iPad as most kids do nowadays, you can add this app to their device for easy access. The app gives you access to a collection of games that introduce your kid to educational concepts in a fun and entertaining way.

If your child has a love for cars, they’ll enjoy operating their own mini rockets, cars, cranes, and aircraft on the screen. The best part is, you can play these games with your child because even though they’re simplified, they’re suitably designed for everyone.

Coco – Educational Games

Second on our list is Coco, a popular educational game app designed with developing kids in mind. The app developer incorporated educational puzzles and memory games to boost information retention in young kids. Adding this game app to your kid’s iPad extends their interactive experience, enabling them to tap into their greatest potential. When your child is not running and jumping outside, they can play Coco to ensure their brain remains active.

Curious World

Curious Word is the perfect name for a kid’s game app because kids are naturally curious. This is an early learning educational game app that inspired developing kids between the ages of two and seven to explore their interests. Allowing your child to be their authentic self-nurtures confidence from a young age, ensuring they grow up to be independent individuals. Curious World will give your child access to videos, books, and games designed to satisfy their curiosity.

Toca Blocks

If you notice that your child enjoys discovering new things, you should consider downloading taco Blocks for them. It’s a suitable gaming app because of its platform appearance and world-building theme. This open-ended creative game gives your child the freedom to nurture their imagination and sharpen their analytical skills.


Thinkrolls is a puzzle game app you and your child would enjoy interacting with. The app developers incorporated features that make it suitable for different age groups, so whether your child is in elementary school or high school, they would enjoy using the app. It’s a thinking game app that sharpens concentration, and the best part is, anyone would get adrenaline for playing the games.

The Very Hungry Caterpillar

Caterpillars are one of nature’s miracles because of their capability to morph into beautiful butterflies. The Very Hungry Caterpillar is a game that recreates characters from a children’s storybook and allows kids to be one of them. The app includes several games and puzzles designed to teach kids how to count and organize. In the process, your child learns the benefits of healthy eating, as well as exciting facts about caterpillars and other animals in nature.

Endless Alphabet

As the name suggests, Endless Alphabet is an educational game app that teaches about alphabets and words. If your child is almost at the age of joining elementary school, you can download this app for them so they can learn letter sounds and basic vocabulary. Preparing your child before they begin their learning journey ensures they have an easy time adapting to the school’s new environment.

My PlayHome Doll House

This is a highly interactive game app with a dollhouse appearance that teaches about family and race. In today’s era where society is more conscious about racism and discrimination against different ethnic groups, intruding your child to different races is the best gift you can give them. Your kids get to grow up being aware of who they are and understanding that the color of someone’s skin does not define who they are.

Draw It

Does your child love to scribble and draw? Nurturing their talent when they’re still young ensures they get better at it as they grow older. Draw It is an educational game app that will guide your child through their talent-nurturing stage until they define what kind of art they’re inclined to.


If you have many house chores demanding your attention and would love to distract your kids for some time, Pictoword would be an excellent app for that. This word puzzle game app will keep your kids busy and entertained as you take care of adult responsibilities.


Regardless of how old your kids are, you should make playing educational games culture in your household. Encouraging kids to take a break from the day-to-day activities sharpens their brains and introduces them to new concepts that reveal who they really are.

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