Like using your smartphone for playing games? Mobile games are an excellent means and way to pass your time while you travel or have long distances to cover. However, today not every mobile game is meant to be played more casually. Some games are long, and to make the most of them; you should dedicate yourself completely. Only then you will be able to dedicate yourself thoroughly and lead towards the bigger goals.

The number of games available on the Google Play Store is massive. So, at times, it may be hard to find one that best pleases you. For this reason, we have come up with this list of the best Android games that you can try out this year.

Keep reading, and you will be able to find one that you enjoy the most.

Note: Protect your identity online by using VPN for gaming.


Hearthstone is a card game. It primarily practices the TCG style. The game is designed by the world-famous game designing company, The Blizzard Entertainment. Yes, that is the name behind this incredible game. In the game, there are nine different class types for determining your deck, says Anaida, who works with TFTH.

The game allows you to duel in real-time. You can scrape together coins in the game. These will let you shop for virtual card packs. There is also an option for you to join some game modes of your choice, such as the Arena, or you can enter into a campaign where there will be a face-off, and you can defeat a few of the most infamous villains in the Warcraft universe.

For anyone who enjoys gaming in TCG style, you can surely try out Hearthstone. You can enjoy the game for free. However, there are several in-game purchases for appearance customizations, card packs, and game expansions. If that is what you need, there is an option available at a reasonable cost.

Garena Free Fire

It is a survival and a shopping game, which is quite similar to Fortnite. The matches in Garena last for somewhere around 10 minutes, and in the game, the players face each other on an island with 50 more opponents, says Joseph, who works with TAE and loves the game.

There are fire weapons, equipment, ammo, vehicles, and a lot more on the island. This can make it easy for you to survive. To win a match, you need to be the last living player on the virtual game island. It is, without a doubt, the best multiplayer mobile game.

Pokemon Go

It is one of the most revolutionary AR games at present, says Harris, who blogs with TrumpLearningThrough this game, you can transform the real world where you live and breathe into an incredibly fantastic world full of Pokémon.

As part of the game, you walk through the streets, visit the malls, and find and catch around 500 Pokémon in your vicinity. Of course, you have a complete opportunity to acquire all of these Pokémon and train them. You can also challenge other players to enter into a gym battle with them. Given that ever since its launch, it has been so successful, and it still is, there is absolutely no way that it could be kept out of our list.


In Minecraft’s mobile version, you get all the available resources that are otherwise available in the desktop version. Through the game, you can explore the glorious world of Minecraft and its several biomes. You can also combat against witches, skeletons, zombies, and several other hugely popular enemies.

In the mobile version, you will get access to Nether, a dangerous and different world inside your Minecraft game, says Zack, who offers online do my economics homework services. You can now create complex mins, build castles, find diamonds, and do a lot more. Through this game, you can either opt for playing all by yourself or play with ten other players. Just like the Desktop version, even the mobile version of Minecraft for Android is free.

PUBG mobile

There is absolutely no one in any corner of the world who has not heard about PUBG or the PLAYERUNKNOWN BATTLEGROUNDS. It is a hit desktop game, which is now available for your mobile phones under the name of PUBG mobile. Through this game, you will have access to the same maps, weapons, and customizations as is available in all the other versions.

PUBG is one of the most-played shooters and survival games. In this game, you have to be the last survivor in the battleground, and you are competing against 100 different players. You need to find your ammo and weapons, and employ vehicles, and get rid of the opponent that comes against you on the remote island.

With the passage of time in the game, the player’s safe area gets smaller and smaller. That is when the game becomes hectic and intense.

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