Today the internet is accessible to all of us. We are all getting reliant on it both physically and emotionally. There are only a few things that we cannot achieve without the usage of the internet. Young teens and kids are emotionally dependent on Snapchat for the privacy feature. They put forth unsuitable content, which may be harmful to their mental health. This might have a direct implication on their psychology in the future.

Thus, parents to wish to regulate Snapchat usage of their children can now employ parental monitoring apps. Here, in this article, we will discuss with you a few of the best applications to monitor Snapchat and keep your kids safe and guarded.


TeenSafe is a professional phone tracking solution, which is used globally. It has more than a million subscribers. You can trust the application since renowned media platforms, such as Tom’s Guide and Mac World, mentioned in on their posts.

Most people enjoy TeenSafe because of the presence of several exclusive elements. As the app is entirely web-based, you can use it on the web. All you need to monitor your child’s Snapchat activities is a computer or a smartphone and a reliable connection to the internet.

How does TeenSafe monitor Snapchat?

You can use TeenSafe to track the activities on your child’s Snapchat via both Android and iOS variants.

Monitoring Snapchat activities for iOS devices

All the iPhones and iPads are equipped with an iCloud backup feature that automatically extracts the data from the kid’s gadgets. You can monitor the child’s Snapchat activities with the Cloud ID of your child.

Monitoring Snapchat activities for Android version

When it comes to Android, it is mandatory to access your child’s phone for a bit. You will have to download and install the TeenSafe application. The overall setup of the application is pretty straightforward and fast. It does not take more than a few minutes for you to get started with the application. There is no compromising or rooting to be done on your kid’s device security. The application runs stealthily.

So, your child will never find out or uninstall it. After the one-time setup of the application, you can manage it all remotely. You can even uninstall the 2 MB application remotely, says Daisy, who offers finance assignment help and has downloaded the application on her teenager daughter’s phone.


With ClickFree, you will no longer have to worry about how you can monitor the Snapchat of your daughter or son. It is web-based software that is absolutely free to use and monitors your child’s activities on all of their social media platforms.


Next in our list of the best applications to monitor your child’s Snapchat is Spyier. It has a couple of unbelievable features to monitor the phone activities of your child. The best part? You will always view the chats on Snapchat in absolute secrecy.


The other incredible application that is endowed with top parental guidance features is Spyic. Spyic is indeed one of the most potent tracking tools with a good array of capabilities, says Jennifer, who works with TAE and actively uses the application. You can monitor all the social media applications, such as WhatsApp and Snapchat.


This application allows you to accumulate all your child’s phone activities without ever being detected with Minspy. The app employs stealth technology that lets you scrutinize all the happenings on your child’s Snapchat without the child ever finding out.


If you wish to keep your child safe and secure, the best application that you can use is Neatspy. It is a hassle-free mobile application, which runs in the background of your child’s device. Thus, it always stays hidden. This app works very well to monitor the Snapchat activities performed by your child.


Having the Spyine application by your side, you will acquire all of the information about the exchanged messages on Snapchat used by the child, says Janice, who offers the best product management courses. The application provides you with all the details, such as the dates and the time of the received or sent messages.


FoneMonitor is a handy mobile application that helps in controlling the Snapchat activities of your child. The most significant feature of the application is that your child will never find out about this application. Moreover, the app does not use a lot of your battery, RAM, or processor.


Using the Spyzie software, you can track the actions of your child. Most people who use the application are pretty satiated with its amazing benefits and features. You can use this application to monitor the other phone activities, such as call logs, GPS locations, and a lot more, says Gregg, who works with EduWorldUSA.


Regardless of whether you are an expert or a beginner, with Cocospy, you can now view images, read pictures, and share videos on Snapchat along with the attachments. The application has a client-friendly user interface and is very easy to use.

Bottom Line

If you are ever concerned about what your child is doing on Snapchat, you can use the applications to see what he is up to. As a parent, it is your prime responsibility to shape your child’s future by guarding them against the addiction that social media is.

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