If you spend a considerable time of your day playing games on your favorite gaming console, then it is imperative that you opt for a chair specially designed for gaming. When we say specially designed for gaming, we mean a chair that provides superb back support and flexibility while enhancing your performance.

The main advantage of a gaming chair is that it is so built that it ensures that you do not indulge in a bad posture that can lead to body aches. If you sit in the same position for a long time, then blood flow is also restricted. An ergonomically designed gaming chair prevents this restriction and also contributes to your healthy life.

Apart from the obvious physical benefits of using a gaming chair, there is also the added advantage of performing better as the chair ensures your comfort all throughout the gaming time. Not only are you more comfortable, but you also do not need to worry about adjustments while playing, thereby improving your game.

In this post, we look at some of the features that you should look for in gaming chairs. Let’s get gaming.

  1. Good Lumbar Support – This is the single most important feature that you must look for in a gaming chair. The chair has to be ergonomically built. It needs to provide proper neck and back support. Essentially, your lower back needs the most support.
    The chair must have correct curvature so as to enable back support and must be high enough to accommodate your upper back and even your neck. Most gaming chairs these days provide a neck pillow to cushion the blows from a highly energetic game.
  2. Useful Armrests – There are two types of gamers – ones who prefer joystick games and others who prefer keyboard games. Irrespective of the type that you belong to, your gaming chair must also support your arms and wrists.
    It is here that many prefer wholesale pc gaming chairs because they come with lots of added features like adjustable armrests so that you can manage the distance between the chair and your armrests. This ensures that you are comfortable.
  3. Premium cushioning – Apart from the lumbar support and armrests, the next important feature that you must look for in a gaming chair is that of premium cushioning. The cushions incorporated must neither be too tough nor too soft.
    The cushioning must be soft enough for you to enjoy sitting on the chair and hard enough so as to prevent sagging. The texture and feel of the material must also complement the size of the chair and its use.
  4. Maximum adjustability – In terms of adjustability, there are two main factors to be looked at – height adjustments and tilt angles of the backrest. Most gaming chairs come with multiple choices when it comes to both these factors.
    The height of the chair must be spanning from the shortest to the tallest spectrum of gamers so that the chair can be used by multiple members of a group. At the same time, the backrest must be tilt friendly to at least reasonable angles.
    Some gaming chairs, of which China best supplier, come with a tilt lock feature so that you can lock the backrest at that particular angle that is most comfortable for you.
  5. Movement – We have talked a lot about the features of a gaming chair that provide support and comfort to the gamer. But there is one more feature that is crucial for convenience and that is the ease of movement of the chair.
    The position and movability of the wheels and the material used in the frame of the chair – all contribute to the ease of movement of the chair. The sturdiness of the chair also comes into the picture because if the chair moves at the slightest of movements, it will not provide any stability to the gamer while playing.
  6. Value-Added Features – It’s time to look at some of the value-added features that some gamers look for in gaming chairs. As the name suggests, these features are not a must-have and only add value to the gamer. Obviously, the value addition is subjective and varies from gamer to gamer. However, these features are certainly intriguing enough to find a mention here.
    Bluetooth-enabled speakers, which allow you to enjoy the sound with enhanced quality are a rage these days in gaming chairs. Further, there are 4D armrests available now which provide you an actual feeling of being in the same environment as the online game that you are playing. For the foodie, some gaming chairs have added buckets on the sides to store some snacks for those hungry (or shall we say, hangry?) moments.

Are you ready to upgrade your existing chair or looking to buy your first one? Be prepared to be overwhelmed with innumerable choices with extravagant features. Make sure that you do not get bogged down with so many options.

All you need to do is keep a calm mind and make a list of all the non-negotiable features that you are looking for. Then finalize your budget and see if all your needs can be met within that budget. We hope our guide will help you come to a decision fast.

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