On the hunt for games that leave your blood pumping and your hands shaking. Something that has you at the edge of your seat or lights a fire in your guts. The gaming world delivers on many levels and in many different genres, and no matter what your play style is, you’ll find something suitable for you.

Horror, action, suspense, you name it, there’s a game – and with so many titles available, it’s often pretty hard to choose what you want to play. Grab a controller or your mouse, boot up your console or PC, and let’s get you quaking with adrenaline and afraid to look away from the screen. Here are the top high-intensity games for the thrill-seekers out there!

Dive Into Dota 2

Dota 2 – what doesn’t it have for the adrenaline junkies? Ultra-fast-paced, you’re up against other human players, so no matter how good you are, there’s always the chance of encountering someone better. You’ll need to keep your eyes on the screen and your fingers on the keyboard if you want any chance of wiping out your opponents in this multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) – and you’ll be at the edge of your seat for every second.

Dota 2 isn’t new to the gaming landscape, but that hasn’t put a dent in its popularity one iota. There are over 200 in-game items and over 120 characters to choose from, so you’re never going to feel bored by lackluster choices. Every match you jump into presents unique challenges and obstacles that will have you struggling for dominance. It’s true draw, though, is in its speed; ever tried to play chess with hundreds of different pieces all moving at once, and the pressure of other players closing in around you? If not, well, that’s the thrill Dota 2 is offering, and it’s what has given it esports status on an international level.

It’s not just the players who love it, of course – there are vast community forums and endless threads posted about this game, with new strategies constantly being devised and a never-ending rush of tactics continually being honed. Huge numbers of followers and bettors are engaged in the Dota 2 tournaments, which are enormously gripping and have us on the edge of our seats every time they happen. The latest Dota 2 odds are available at https://thunderpick.io/en/esports/dota-2, and bettors are ever more interested in seeing how these matches are going to unfold and which new champion is going to be crowned at the top of this amazingly competitive game. Oof, just thinking about it makes us want to boot up the game and evaluate our skills again!

Fight Through League Of Legends

Another champion in the world of esports, League of Legends certainly has what it takes to get your body firing on all cylinders. It’s the most popular in the category, and for good reason – another MOBA, it invites players to wipe the floor with others based on a unique matchmaking system. Fast-paced, action-heavy, and ferocious, this is a favorite of players, bettors, and casual audiences alike, and it’s not looking likely to relinquish its place in the esports world anytime soon.

League of Legends is based on team strategy, and there’s something particularly thrilling about plunging into a fight with four other companions, going up against another team in a no-holds-barred struggle for supremacy! If you’re really good, you might even manage to make it to the championships, where fame and glory await… if not, you’ll still have a phenomenal time and set your heart pounding.

Shiver Through Slender: The Arrival

If you want a game that’s going to set your teeth on edge and raise the hairs on the back of your neck rather than make your pulse race with speed, this is very much one you should check out. A first-person survival horror game – and we really do mean horror – this is enough to turn your blood to ice when you launch into it.

We all know Slender Man as one of the most iconic figures ever created in this genre, and he’s escaped into the world of video games now, creeping up on us with his disturbing look and his chillingly quiet approach to the world. He’s inspired other games too, but Slender: The Arrival (a remake of Slender: The Eight Pages) is certainly one to write home about, as each heart-stopping chapter thrusts you deeper into a dangerous world where this silent figure is constantly watching you from the shadows.


Games that make you lean over the keyboard/controller, gripping it with sweaty fingers while your eyes are fixed on the screen… are the ones that go down in history, and that’s what makes the esports world so incredible. These are the games that have us clinging to the edges of our seats (whether we’re playing or watching), and they’re the ones that you come back to again and again, purely for the rush that they offer!

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