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Halloween and trick or treat are drawing near, and that tends to be the time when we should all get into a spooky mood. Now we pretty much know various cliche scary stories and creatures. After all, they are all the standard part of Halloween decorations. Creatures like vampires, witches, werewolves, imps, gremlins, etc. However, there is one new creature of horror that emerged as a result of the Internet memes, and its name is Slender Man. This ghoulish figure soon achieved a status of a legend, and kind of replaced the boogeyman. Soon after we got Slender Man video games, and even a movie.

So, let’s see who Slender Man is, how he became so infamous, and what makes him so scary. We will also go over some of the Slender Man-themed casino games and some other horror-themed slots.

Who is Slender Man

Slender Man is a fictional character or creepypasta meme that first appeared on an online forum called Something Awful, back in 2009. He is depicted as an unnaturally tall slim man, without a face, who wears a suit and tie. He stalks his prey, usually children, and as they catch glimpses of him, they slowly start to go insane. He became more popular with the release of a horror video game called Slender: The Eight Pages, and its sequel Slender: The Arrival.

He is also referenced in multiple modern shows like Supernatural, and it even got its own movie. What made him so infamous was a stabbing case from 2014, when a girl stabbed her 12-year-old  friend, 19 times. The reason behind the stabbing according to her was Slender Man, and if she didn’t go through with it he would kill her family. Luckily the girls survived, but the event definitely made Slender Man more real than ever.

Slender Man Casino Games

Most of the popular trends tend to have a short lifespan. They stick around for a year or two and then they become forgotten. Basically, a lot of things have their 5 minutes in the spotlight after which they start to lose steam. However, Slender Man has been around for over 10 years, so he kind of withstood the test of time. Perhaps one of the best testaments of his status is the continuous references in other forms of entertainment. There are even casino games themed after him that you can play.

Slender Man Slots – Dark Forest Casino Las Vegas Slot Machine

This game has a great design that is really spot on when it comes to this horror theme. After all, most of the encounters with this ghastly figure happen in the forest, where it’s easy for him to stay hidden while stalking his prey. As a result, a lot of symbols here depict a forest or ominous backgrounds, and of course, the Slender man himself with his tendrils of darkness fully unleashed. The music and sound effects are also as dreadful as you would expect out of a horror game.

The game was released in 2016 and it’s completely free. However, it is only available on the iPhone and iPad. If you wanted to play it in one of the online casinos in Canada or any other country, you won’t find it. This doesn’t mean that Slender Man won’t make an appearance in other online casino games. There are lots of developer companies who are constantly looking to expand their roster of games and improve the offer. Luckily, there are other horror slots that are available online and you can definitely play those.

3D Extra Slender Man Slots

If you are an android user or love to play on PC, then fear not. There is another Slender Man slots game that was released in 2019 and that is compatible with those devices. It features great 3D animation and it’s completely free. If you wish to play it on a PC however, you will need to download an emulator like BlueStacks. Unfortunately, this other game was not as popular as the first one, but you should still give it a go.

Both of these games are not real money slots, which is one of the reasons they are not playable in a legitimate gambling parlor. As mentioned though, there are other horror games you can try.

Horror Slot Games

There are lots of horror-themed slots that you can try, but there are a few that truly stand out.

  • Lost Vegas – A great take on slots games that combines zombies and Las Vegas
  • Halloween – A game that is based on the famous movie Halloween and features symbols of Micahel Mayers.
  • Blood Suckers – Developed by NetEnt this is one of the best vampire games in the world of slots.
  • Dracula – Another title from NetEnt that heavily borrows from Universal Studios movies.
  • Full Moon Fortunes – We all love Wild Symbols, and nothing says wild like a werewolf. So definitely give this one a try.


To sum up, it would be really cool to see more Slender Man games, especially in online casinos. After all, neither of those wouldn’t be here without the internet. If you are intrigued by the things we mentioned here, make sure to watch a documentary about Slender Man that was released by HBO. All of this just makes you realize how powerful and unpredictable some memes can be. Hopefully, you will get inspired for the upcoming Halloween, and create an incredibly spooky atmosphere for your home.

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