If you’ve ever played at an online casino, then you must have come across plenty of bonuses that are offered to both new and ongoing players. As you may already know, the bonuses come in many different shapes and sizes, ranging from new player offers like the VulkanVegas welcome bonus to ongoing offers that include loyalty deals.

All the offers that you find on platforms such as the casino online VulkanVegas site or any other gambling website will come with a fine print that’s crucial to how you will enjoy the offer. However, as critical as the fine print is, a lot of players read the terms halfway or don’t even read them at all, and it ends up become a bad experience for them. A lot of players skip reading the terms and conditions because, like with most things in our life, we accept the terms blindly and move on to the product or service that we’re excited to use.

Why Does Reading the Fine Print for Casino Bonuses Matter?

From no deposit bonuses to matched first deposit bonuses plus free spins, there are lots of lucrative bonuses offered by casinos. But then as juicy as the deals may appear, the house usually wants something in return after you decide to take on the deal, and that’s why you must read and understand the fine print.

Being familiar with the fine print helps you strategize so that you can make the most out of your offer, even if it means changing your gaming pattern. Depending on the offer, you may have to and fine-tune your stakes and staking behavior just to meet your end of the bargain. Typically, the most significant parts of the fine print of the casino bonuses include wagering requirements and eligible game contributions. Let’s take a closer look at each of them.

Wagering Requirements and How They Work

A wagering requirement also referred to as playthrough or rollover requirement, is a multiplier figure that indicates the number of times you must play through a bonus before you can cash out any winnings.

Let’s say you’re presented with a $50 welcome bonus, which has a 40x wagering requirement on the bonus cash that you receive. This implies you’ll have to wager your bonus cash forty times over. So, you’ll have to spend $2000 ($50 x 40) on the eligible games before you can claim any pending winnings made.

Also, depending on the online casino you’re playing with, you might come across a ‘sticky’ bonus. Such an offer will come with playthrough requirements that will include your initial deposit in the wagering formula. So if say you’re presented with a 100% match bonus, and you deposited $100. The wagering formula will add your initial deposit ($100) plus the bonus cash ($100) then multiply the total ($200) by the wagering multiplier value. So, in this case, we’ll have:

(Initial Deposit + Bonus Cash which is $200) X 40 = $8,000.

How Different Games Contribute Towards Wagering Requirements

Games’ contribution, also called game weightings, determine your betting strategy. Not all bets you place on any game will contribute 100% towards fulfilling your playthrough requirements. For this reason, it’s good to note that you might not need your outstanding poker skills or blackjack strategy to complete wagering requirements. Nevertheless, slots gamers wouldn’t find it hard to meet wagering requirements as most slot machines will contribute 100%. Overall, table games and video poker will contribute approximately 10% to 20% towards fulfilling wagers.

What are game contributions? Well, it’s simple. If say you’re awarded a $100 bonus having a 30x wagering requirement. In this case, you’ll have to wager up to $3,000. Now, assuming you chose a game having a 10% contribution, for each $100 bet that you make, it’s only $10 that will count towards achieving the $3000 target. That’s why it’s of the essence that you choose a game having a higher contribution, 100%, if possible.

Look for Low or No Wagering Bonuses

The majority of online casino sites won’t compel punters to high playthrough requirements. You can always find a good selection of casino sites that have low bonus wagering requirements. Normally, a wagering requirement equal to or less than 30x would be considered low.

But of course, fulfilling a 30x wagering requirement can also prove to be difficult. Adopting an effective gaming approach and adjusting your staking budget can give you an edge. Better yet, you can instead search for bonuses with no wagering requirements, but then again, such deals aren’t usually as massive as those that come with wagering requirements.

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