Far Cry 6' release date, trailers, gameplay and everything we know

Video gaming has proved incredibly popular in recent years, and it is steadily being ingrained into our culture. Typically, it is the go-to hobby for kids and teens whose hyperactivity can be satiated by the entertainment video games provide. However, gaming has shown to be a common pastime for adults too – research has shown that 42% of British people between the ages of 55 and 64 have played video games in the last five years. The pandemic saw much of the population retreat into video games to help ease stress; the industry has seen a recent surge of players. Those interested in video games might find it useful to know what exciting games are coming out in the near future.

12 Minutes

First on the radar is the indie game 12 Minutes, developed by Nomada. Designed as an interactive thriller, the basic premise is that the player takes control of a husband who is stuck in a twelve-minute time-loop, hence the title. In this scenario, a romantic evening with the husband’s wife turns sour when an officer breaks into the apartment and accuses her of murder. Players would then continue to replay the scenario in attempts to break the loop, experiencing different outcomes along the way. This is a creative idea and an ambitious mechanic to incorporate into the game, though ever since the trailer dropped at E3 2019, fans have been hotly anticipating its release.

Life is Strange: True Colors

When the first Life is Strange game was released in 2015, it was met with instant worldwide acclaim. The series uses an episodic, branching narrative style to tell its stories which often deal with multiple themes ranging from suicide, immigration, and loss. Life is Strange: True Colors is the newest entry into the franchise and promises much of the same dramatic storytelling that the makers, Deck Nine, are known for.


Next up on the radar is Deathloop, a title that promises intense action and barrels of fun. Akin to 12 Minutes, Deathloop also incorporates a time loop mechanic but takes it to the next level. The game has the player put in the shoes of an assassin who is trying to break from the loop but is consistently foiled by another assassin who wants to keep the establishment how it is. Featuring a semi-linear world, the game allows players the freedom to carry out contracts in unique, creative ways, hearkening back to 2012’s Dishonored which, unsurprisingly, is made by the same studio at work here.

Far Cry 6

This veteran of the gaming world also deserves an honorable mention as it returns once again bringing the explosive, wacky entertainment it is famous for. Set amid a brutal dictatorship, the game has players seeking to topple the dictator, played by Breaking Bad’s own Giancarlo Esposito.

Video gaming proved to be an escape from the harshness of reality during the pandemic. With many entertainment venues closed, people turned to activities such as online gambling, a list of the best non-UK casinos can be found here, but gaming proved to be the most attractive option no doubt due to the form’s interactivity. 2021 promises to provide a return to normality and releases of the most anticipated video games.

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