Are you facing water issues in the crawl space? You better consider waterproofing this area or suggest in your neighborhood to use an ultrasonic flow meter. It will prevent water damage that often leads to structural problems. As many of you have no idea what is involved in this prevention method. So, you better get an understanding of the complete process.

How do Experts Waterproof a Crawl Space?

Here are some steps they follow.

Debris Removal

In the very first step, they remove debris from your crawl space floor. As you don’t clean this area, it tends to accumulate thick layers of dust and dirt. If you have installed vapor barriers and are still experiencing water issues, it’s probably time to say them as well. In the past, contractors believed that insulation could prevent water damage in crawl spaces. Now they realize that insulated sheets absorb water like a sponge and tend to get thicker over time. Thereby, they cause more harm than good. In the first step of Indianapolis waterproofing services, the contractor team will remove the debris, old vapor barriers, and insulation material from the surface.

Drainage Installation

In the following steps, the contractor will dig a trench inside the crawl space perimeter and then fix the track. As soon as water finds its way in, it will trap in track and then move to a sump pump pit. Once the trench is dug, technicians will line it up with pea gravel and set a track. Space around the track is filled with soil or gravel for its optimal setting.

Sump Pump Installation

A sump pump is an absolute necessity when it comes to crawl space waterproofing. This pump expels the inside water out and keeps space dry. Your contractor asks you to use a good-quality sump pump. If you already have one, it will work. Now the track will collect water and move it toward a pit of a sump pump. When the pump has enough water, it will discharge it through the drainage line.


Your drainage and sump pump are in the perfect place. In the last step of Indianapolis waterproofing services, you need to choose between vapor barrier or encapsulation. A vapor barrier is a strong plastic sheet that prevents water damage for almost 10-15 years. It would help if you had new sheets when old ones don’t work. Encapsulation is an expensive option, but it’s highly durable and more effective than the vapor barrier.

If you are tight on budget, go with a vapor sheet as these plastic liners are helpful in gases, vapors, and moisture in your crawl space environment. Contractors often recommend encapsulation as an ideal waterproofing solution. It’s because this complete waterproofing system reduces moisture and protects against wood damage. This white cap won’t let any bad chemicals from the crawl space move into your home breathing space. If you have an HVAC system, they work efficiently after encapsulation. Last but not least, it helps you save money on energy bills.

Finally, you have got an understanding of the complete process of Indianapolis waterproofing services. Do you want to reduce water damage to your foundation? Go and avail these valuable services.

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