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What to do if you don’t have enough views on YouTube? Perhaps a spectacular intro is a missing element that can help you? Attract a new audience and “revive” the old one? In this article, you will learn what a YouTube intro is and where to find an intro maker for YouTube. You can also find out why you should use CreateVista.

YouTube’s intro is essentially your virtual signature in the YouTube world. This is what every viewer who starts watching your video sees. The closest analogy is an intro for a movie. This helps to prepare viewers for your content. And it’s like saying “Yes, it’s me, your favorite YouTuber, and you are watching my new video.”

General recommendations for intro quality

A truly interesting intro should hook viewers, both old and potentially new. If the viewer notices that the intro was “made in a couple of minutes on his knee before going to bed” – why should he watch the video further? And if the quality of the intro is very low, then the rest of the content will be the same? Even if it is not so, the viewer’s thoughts will be just that. The only exceptions are old viewers who already know that you make high-quality content.

Also, the intro should be accompanied by a catchy melody. Do not make it too loud, this is an extremely negative factor – some people watch videos before going to bed or with headphones, and they will not like this.

Give your intro a little touch of uniqueness. For example, high-quality and beautiful animation of lining up letters in intricate patterns showing the name of your channel. Also, the intro should preferably correspond to the main theme of your channel. For example, if your content is video games, you can make small moments from your walkthroughs or from trailers of some games as part of the intro. If you are talking about space, the conclusion is obvious. You can make a beautiful intro with stars, their movement, collisions, and so on. This question is only limited by your imagination.

The main components of a quality intro are considered to be:

  • Duration – rarely does anyone make an intro longer than 5-10 seconds. According to statistics, if the intro lasts more than 25 seconds, it reduces the view rate by 50%. Many viewers simply skip or close the video without waiting for the main part.
  • The imprint of the “brand” – your channel is your own brand. Or part of the brand if you are a businessman or politician. That is why your intro should bear the imprint of your brand. The most successful companies in the world have one thing in common: good branding.
  • Animated text – text animation is a simple yet powerful tool. It allows you to give energy to a static intro. For example, if the subject of your channel is photography, this can be made part of the intro. For example, the text will appear at first indistinctly, then, as it were, with the effect of “focusing”, as is usually the case with photographing.
  • Quality – as obvious as it may sound, the overall quality of the intro is very important. Video clips, intros, and titles will lead viewers into bewilderment. The viewer argues something like this: if the content cannot be trusted, it makes no sense to watch it. From the perspective of quality, it is considered as a whole. This includes factors such as the smoothness of the video sequence, the entertainment component, the beauty of the graphics, and the connection with the main theme of the channel. Summing up, we can say that starting a video with a quality intro is like starting the day with a smile and a new paycheck.
  • Music – it can be either a unique branded composition or just a good background melody or a song that you can purchase the right to use. It is desirable that the musical accompaniment does not stand out from the “big picture” of your channel and intro. For example, if you are talking about animal care and your intro is slow and “warm”, but with aggressive heavy music, this is not the best choice.

A good intro is also part of branding. You need to decide on fonts, logos, colors, and so on. All this needs to be thought out and implemented in your intro.

What are the types of intros and what are their differences?

Now, using specific examples, we will find out what types of intros for YouTube are:

  • “Card-styled intro” – when you open David Dobrik’s videos, instead of the “traditional” intros, you can see cards with texts. The card includes a small teaser and brief information. Usually, the duration of such an intro is 5-7 seconds. The card consists of a static background with the issue number, and date, and is accompanied by a cheerful melody.
  • Intro based on typography – an example of this is the intro on Alisha Marie’s channel. The intro consists of fragments of past videos and a short text animation with the name of the channel owner.
  • Animated intros – the most popular and most “complex” type of introduction. Includes complex, often completely authored animations. They are best at capturing the viewer’s attention, but they are the hardest to make. An example is Good Mythical Morning. A humorous talk show with an intro that changes from season to season.

The intro, although simple, conveys the style of the channel. Sometimes just three seconds is enough for a positive impression.

How to create a quality intro

If you are just starting out and don’t have the money to hire experienced animators, you can create an intro yourself. To do this, it is not necessary to have skills in handling complex programs for creating animations. You just need to find a good online resource with all the tools you need for this. One of these is Mostly free, with a lot of templates and useful tools to make intros. You don’t believe internet articles? Just read the feedback from real users on other sites and you’ll see.

The convenient functionality of the site will allow you to create your own unique intro. In case you need some additional knowledge, you can go to the section of video and text tutorials and lessons. To create an intro, do the following:

  1. Go to the site and register.
  2. Next, go to the YouTube intro section.
  3. The system will quickly teach you the basics of creating an intro. You can select an existing template and edit it for yourself.
  4. After you’ve finished editing, save the intro and add it to all your videos.

That’s all – good luck!

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