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Video content is still the best marketing solution for your business and personal brand’s promotion. Present reality shows that high-quality websites, reasonable pricing policies, and text materials about products, unfortunately, are not enough. We need to use a more powerful advertising tool – video content. One of the best solutions for promotion is to request high-quality professional video production. Such services are provided by the company CRFT VIDEO.

There are some reasons to pick a video production as a promotion tool:

1. Visual information is remembered better than any other, and people like it.

The human brain perceives visual information more effectively than text information. 90% of the information in our consciousness comes through the visual channel. You can often remember the plot of a movie you watched many years ago. But you can not always retell what you read yesterday.

2. Video attracts attention and makes complicated things simple.

The density of useful information in the video is much higher than in text. In our piece on the benefits of infographics, we looked at an excellent Microsoft study. As of 2015, the average user’s attention span is lower than that of a goldfish – 8 seconds. That means you need to get the most out of your information very quickly.

3. Video builds credibility

Videos have the unique property of inducing trust.

4. Videos help increase sales

Because of the above benefits, using video marketing is one of the most effective means of increasing sales. Instead of looking at the introduction section of your website, people would be more than happy to watch a video about your company.

5. Video is the future

Video marketing is the fastest-growing area of the advertising business. The amount of time users spend watching online videos is steadily increasing.

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