There are some amazing entertainment venues all over the world that should definitely be on your bucket list to visit if you’re a fan of live sport and music. In this post, we’ll be looking at the 10 most popular domestic and international giant venues in the world.

1. The O2 Arena, London – Home of British Boxing

This amazing venue is located in London and has been host to some of the greatest sporting events including boxing. It can hold up to 20,000 people when used for a boxing match or concert. There are no bad seats in the house as it was designed with acoustics in mind. The seating bowl is rounded so everyone can see the action around them clearly from every angle possible.

2. Sprint Center, Kansas City – Home of the NBA D-League

This amazing Kansas City venue is a multi-purpose arena that holds up to 18,000 people. It hosts some of the best events in town including concerts and sporting events. The arena was designed with acoustics in mind so it has great sound for those watching from their seats. It’s also very centrally located which is always good when looking at venues like this one, as you’ll be able to find them easily no matter where you are in town!

3. Madison Square Garden, New York – Home of the NBA and NHL

This popular venue is located in the heart of New York City. Any sports fan would be able to tell you that this arena has been host to some amazing moments including famous victories for both the NHL and NBA teams based there. The seating bowl is very steep which gives everyone in attendance an amazing view from every angle possible! This makes for a great atmosphere as everyone feels like they are right on top of the action.

4. The Staples Center, Los Angeles – Home of NBA’s Lakers & Clippers

The Staples Center can hold up to 18,997 people making it one of the biggest venues in LA. It first opened back in 1999 so it’s still pretty new when compared with some others on this list, but don’t let that fool you into thinking they don’t put on incredible events!

5. MetLife Stadium, New Jersey – Home of the Giants and Jets

This great stadium is located in East Rutherford, NJ, and has been host to some of the most amazing sporting events including Superbowl XLVIII where the Seattle Seahawks won over the Denver Broncos. When designing a building, arena, or stadium like this it’s important to look at acoustics as they are very important.

6. Palau Sant Jordi, Barcelona – Home of NBA’s Barcelona Dragons & FC Barcelona Baskets Basketball Teams

This incredible venue is located in Barcelona and was originally built back in 1990, but reopened again after undergoing renovations back in 2013. It hosts some amazing events including basketball games as well as concerts, and many great artists have performed there over the years including Michael Jackson and Madonna!

7. Olympic Stadium, Montreal – Home of the CFL Alouettes Football Team

This amazing Canadian venue is located in Montreal and was host to some incredible moments during the 1976 Summer Olympics. It can hold up to 66,000 people which makes it one of the biggest venues on this list! The stadium was designed with excellent acoustics.

8. Bochum RuhrStadion, Bochum – Home of NFL Europe’s Rhein Fire & MSV Duisburg Soccer Club

This great stadium is located in Bochum and was built back in 1947. It’s known as the “Eternal Derby of Westphalia” as it is home to two premier soccer teams who are fierce rivals! The seating bow offers good acoustics and excellent views from all angles.

9. Levi’s Stadium, Santa Clara – Home of NFL’s San Francisco 49ers & MLS’ San Jose Earthquakes

The Levi’s Stadium opened up back in 2014 and can fit up to 75,000 people which makes it one of the biggest venues on this list! This stadium was designed with acoustics being very central to its construction.

10. Antwerp Sportpaleis, Antwerp – Home of the WWE

This awesome venue is located in Antwerp and was opened back in 1989. It can hold up to 22,000 and is a multi-purpose venue that hosts some amazing sporting events including WWE fights as well as live music concerts and live theatre productions.

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