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Minecraft belongs to the sandbox game genre and it is extremely popular on the internet. While it has many different mobs to make it even more interesting and challenging for gamers, the Minecraft slender man games are a controversial topic. In this article, we will learn more about it.

What is Slenderman in Minecraft?

As we mentioned, the Minecraft game has different mobs and the Slenderman is just one of them. This mob belongs to the Slenderman Mod and Creepy Pasta Mod. Slenderman is basically a tall thin man who wears a suit. He has a blank, white and featureless face. This character makes Minecraft slender man games popular.

Slender Man is a mysterious character

It’s very rare to see him spawn as he only does that in forest biomes. Slenderman is like a mysterious and scary character that once he has noticed you, he would find you by sending a message. As soon as you receive a message, you will have 50 seconds for your escape effort. You should try your best to kill him. Otherwise, he will follow you until you die.

The thing is that you can’t look at him, because if you do, it will give you nausea, blindness, even slowness, and static on your screen. If you are playing on easy mode, you can kill Slenderman using any sword. However, if you are playing on higher mode, it will not be that easy to get away from him.

You have to use a diamond or slender sword to kill him. And if you are successful, he will drop a child’s soul after he dies. Although the chance that it happens is not high, around 5%. Compared to Enderman, Slender Man has more health with a total of 100 HP. That’s why he does more damage in the Minecraft slender man games.

What are Slenderman’s abilities?

In Minecraft slender man games, the Slenderman can break glass, doors and trapdoors. Not to mention, those light sources can easily be broken by him. Even if you have a wooden house, it doesn’t guarantee that you will be safe. He can even break wooden planks.

Besides, when he is in your field of vision, he won’t move. The moment you turn away or your vision becomes obstructed, he will disappear. The Slenderman can also spawn from slender spawners, which is very random. Similar to Enderman, this guy will teleport but only when you’re not looking or when you’re fighting him.

He is strong, dangerous, and can easily harm you

You should be extremely careful because of how strong he is. He can kill an unarmored player with just one hit even if he is one block away in very close combat. You will need to get armor, bow and arrow, sword, milk, and potions ready.

In Minecraft slender man games, there is also the 2nd mob in the mod which is “Masky”. You might have heard about it from different videos of Marble Hornets. His appearance is also mysterious, he has a white mask with a black mouth and black eyes. Until now, it is not clear if Masky and the Slenderman are connected. They are just both aggressive.

In the mod, Masky also has 100 HP and he is incredibly fast. Not to mention, he can see through blocks, and it will be rare for him to drop his mask. However, if he does, it’s the best time to stop him from attacking you. Masky’s Mask strength and durability are similar to a diamond helmet.

Items in Minecraft slender man games

There are a few items that you should pay attention to in Minecraft slender man games, including:

Child Soul

Slender spawners: They spawn very randomly in the world, on top of two obsidian

Slender sword: The sword does more damage than a diamond sword. You can use it to damage Slender Man, or give him a poison touch.

Slender armor

Masky’s mask

Minecraft slender man games are controversy

While Slenderman makes the game more challenging, it has concerned a lot of parents as they think he seems so evil and dark. Even if Slender Man is not a real man, he looks like one. It’s said that this character has a bad effect on young children. That’s why parents worry about their child’s access to him.

In fact, Minecraft is a very popular children’s game. And that’s where a lot of children know about Slender Man. The Slender Man mods for the game introduce you to this character, and the monster Enderman was actually inspired by Slender Man.

Obviously, this character attracts a young audience as well as an adult. Some people are interested in scary things, some don’t. The important thing is whether they can manage their emotions or control this dark graphic material to affect them. It will be difficult for most children and that’s why their mental health will be affected.

It might have a bad effect on young children

Slender Man in Minecraft slender man games represent demonic stories. He stalks, abducts, traumatizes, and kills everyone who is his victim. It’s important for players to learn about the boundaries between reality and fantasy because he would seem so real on the internet. If you are a young and ill-prepared player, Slender Man might potentially do significant psychological harm to you.

It’s fair to say that this is not Slender Man’s fault. He is just a character added to a game and brings his own stories. That’s why there have been disclaimers and warnings that younger audiences should not learn about Slender Man. It’s better to be cautious!

However, each child is unique so Slender Man might have a bad effect on some of them, but not all. It’s crucial for parents to know their children’s maturity level. From there, they know the restrictions for their children when they access the Internet.

In general, if you are an adult and you like the mystery or the story of Slender Man, you will be interested in Minecraft slender man games. The game will be more scary and challenging for you, so you should prepare yourself before meeting Slender Man!

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