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Nobody would have thought last spring that the pandemic will stretch well over a year. When most of Europe went into lockdown in March 2020, we thought it would be over in a month or two and were just happy to be allowed to work from home. However, not being able to go out to restaurants or bars or to see friends and family has soon become tiresome and many people became depressed.

Sweden had a very different approach to the pandemic from the beginning than most other European countries and the country still hasn’t seen a strict lockdown, similar to the ones in the UK, Spain, or Portugal.

However, now measures are being implemented and it is impossible to predict what the future holds. Lockdown or not, you probably spend a lot more time indoors than before and, in this article, we are going to talk about why games can help you avoid boredom. Dominic Andreasson, a Swedish iGaming expert gave us his thoughts. Read more about Dominic here.

The mental effects of video games and gambling

Despite what some people might think, playing video games can reduce stress levels. When players play their favorite game, they engage in it more so than when watching TV or scrolling through social media. The game will give them something to focus on and can get them into a similar state to what meditation provides.

This applies to both playing video games and online casino games. It is easy to find a casino Sverige online that accepts players from Sweden, and you can try your luck during boring times.

When you complete a level in the game or manage to win a game of blackjack or poker your brain releases dopamine, a neurotransmitter that kicks in when you experience something enjoyable. Dopamine is also released during sex or when eating something delicious. During playing online games you can experience triumph and a sense of achievement. This is why the video game; Candy Crush has become so incredibly popular with all ages.

Gaming can also give you instant gratification. You can win a great amount of money on a slot game after a few minutes of play as opposed to having to work for a whole month before you receive your paycheck at the end of the month.

Learn a new skill

When you have a lot of spare time, you can also use it to learn new skills. For example, it is fun to learn a language with a language learning app that uses gamification, like Duolingo. You can also learn to play a card game and perhaps make a profit with it in the future. There are plenty of casinos that offer demo versions of their games so you won’t have to invest any money if you don’t want to. You can play video poker and learn those poker hands or try out different blackjack versions, use different strategies and see how it works out.

Social gaming

Gaming and gambling can have a social aspect too. Playing multiplayer video games or chatting with your peers through text when playing a live dealer game is more fun and can reduce the feeling of loneliness and depression.

Stress relief

Everybody is different and different games suit different people so you will have to find the ones that help you reduce stress. In general, puzzle games are best but for some even shooting games can be relaxing. Music can also be helpful for stress relief. Many slot games have relaxing oriental music and gentle themes. You can also play these games for free or find one that takes as low as 1-cent wagers so you won’t have to worry about your bankroll.

Before you sign up on a new website it is always advisable to read reviews of online casinos to make sure you are playing on a fair and honest page.


Gaming and gambling can distract you from everyday life, reduce stress, trigger positive emotions and even have some social aspects. Use the spare time you have at home for learning a new skill and if you are lucky you can even make a bit of a profit.

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