One of the most popular genres in games and movies is horror. Horror is ever-thrilling and capturing. It’s not just the amazing Slender Man movies and games that we love. It’s all kinds of horror-inducing games. We love sitting at the edge of our seats, biting our nails, and covering our eyes, or what? What is it exactly that makes horror games so incredibly popular?

1. The rush of danger

People have always been somewhat drawn to the dangers, and so it is with horror video games. They’re scary, and we feel the rush of danger. Even though it’s a video game, and we’re not actually in danger, it feels like it. It’s the kind of rush that we can get through many kinds of games and, movies, even music! Another great example of this is gambling. The rush that we get when we gamble is related to the rush we get from horror. What’s going to happen? Will things fall out in my favor or not? You can also double the rush by playing horror-themed casino games which you can find on this page. These are both scary and fun but not for the faint of heart!

2. Great adversity must be overcome

Another appealing thing about horror games is the level of adversity. It’s no easy task to get through obstacles in these games. The challenges in themselves can be difficult enough, but if you then add the horror and fright that comes with it, you have even greater adversity. This makes the feeling of success even greater. 

3. The atmosphere is incomparable

It’s hard to compare the atmosphere that the best horror games can create. The atmosphere means everything when creating a truly unsettling and creepy horror game. You get chills all the way down your spine and feel like you’re actually in the world of the game yourself. It’s very hard to make this atmosphere believable, which is why, when they succeed, it’s quite incomparable. 

4. The graphics and soundscape are otherworldly

Two things that mean everything when creating the right atmosphere are graphics and soundscape. This is why these two are always impeccable in the very best horror games. We all know how scary sounds can be – and perhaps tried watching a horror movie without sound. When you do this, you realize how much of the frightening atmosphere is induced by the soundscape. So, the soundscape is quite extraordinary compared to many other types of games. The small creaks and gaps and the sudden screams or ambient noises. If you haven’t paid attention to this, try doing it the next time, and notice how big a part of the horror stems in the soundscape.

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