The gaming industry has always been one of astronomical growth since it burst onto the scene nearly thirty years ago now, however the industry has developed and evolved a considerable amount since then and become one of the fastest-growing technology industries in the world. One of the main reasons behind this is because mobile gaming is now at the forefront of the industry and has quickly become one of the biggest revenue turners for the industry and below, we look at why this is.

In a recent survey, it is reported that there are over 2.4 billion active mobile gamers in the world and this number is only due to a rise in the coming years. And one of the main reasons why mobile gaming has become so popular is because everyone with a smartphone now has access to the mobile gaming scene so is very accessible compared to other formats of gaming like PC or on a console. Due to everyone virtually owning a smartphone now, everyone, therefore, has access to download their favorite mobile games and can play until their heart is content.

One industry that has also benefitted from the mobile gaming hype has been the online casino industry as we are now seeing a crossover at TBC between the two platforms with many mobile gamers migrating over to these online casino sites. This is due to the fact that they have a quality array of games to choose from and a whole host of promotional deals to sign-up to enhance your gambling experience.

Another reason why mobile gaming has become so popular is due to mobile games being considerably more cost-effective in comparison to other formats of gaming. In many cases, mobile games are only a few dollars, most of the time free, and so consumers are more inclined to purchase a mobile game at a cheaper price than they can play any time, compared to a console game which has a start-up cost, to begin with, and the games are considerably more expensive.

And finally, and possibly the best thing about mobile gaming is that it can be played wherever and whenever due to the portability of smartphones. Gone are the days of having to wait to get home from work or school to play, as you can now play whenever you please and get a spare moment and within seconds due to the power of smartphones in this day and age and with technology only due to improving, we can only see the quality of mobile games increasing over time.

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