Dungeons of the game are one of the most interesting stages of the game, which is especially difficult. Many players browse through helpful materials on the Internet to find comprehensive information on how to deal with anything that gets in the way.

The underground caves are the final stage of the game, allowing multiple players to try and earn the rare gear that many fans of this game dream of getting. Players are presented with one of the most difficult game stages, which can only be passed by those who have achieved unrivaled characteristics of their character class, were able to obtain complex information, received the abilities of especially difficult enemies, and also achieved high game speed.

The biggest challenge is that the course of this stage can be incomprehensible even to experienced gamers. Here you will not be able to perform actions that are available in regular underground caves. In this regard, you may simply not understand what they want from you and what to do next. Here you will find a huge number of routes that can be modified regularly. You need to use a variety of tactics and learn what you can and cannot do.

That is why we decided to prepare a guide that will help many players understand how to play Mythic Plus Dungeons.

Basic Information

It’s worth mentioning first that this is a game mode with an increased difficulty level, which is different from the game mode in regular dungeons. Here you can meet the same enemies that you already saw in the early stages. However, here the developers tried to complicate the passage by adding especially difficult tasks. You can make your life much easier if you take advantage of the Mythic boost, which will help you cope with certain difficulties.

You must understand that the point is not only about brainstorming, with the help of which you can find a way out of any situation. In the end, you will find rare rewards that every player will want to receive. In these underground caves, you will find enemies whose health and damage will increase as you level up.

It’s not easy to get here, as you must have a special key that will give you access to this game mode. You can find this key while playing in regular dungeons. As you go through one difficult cave after another, you will receive new keys that will open access to another even more difficult dungeon. Moreover, you will notice how your level will rise.

To make things easier, you can team up with other users who already have access to the Mythic Dungeon. You don’t need to have the key. You just need to connect to a group of players, among which there will be at least one key, which will help open a new stage for the whole team. However, if you are not a team player, then you can continue to progress through the middle levels to find your key.

Some levels of this place differ in that your enemies receive special additions in the form of new abilities. These abilities are also fickle and can change regularly.

You can see how some enemies will explode when you defeat them. Others may gain an extra level of health. Due to this, you cannot just mindlessly fight your enemies. You need to think over special tactics that will help destroy your opponent.

It’s also worth mentioning that you have a limited amount of time to complete the dungeons. If you kill not only the main villains but also ordinary enemies, then you can get rare weapons and equipment that will receive improvement depending on how difficult the stage you went through.

Item Level

The difficulty levels of dungeons are constantly increasing, so there is no definition of what level you should have. It all depends on which level of the underground cave you pass. However, your item level must not be less than level 183. You will be able to reach this level during the main stages in medium-difficulty dungeons.

Useful Tips

– You are not required to join any group of players. To relieve the pressure of more experienced players, you may want to consider building your team. You have the opportunity to find people who are at the same difficulty level as you. You can rally new players by calling the team “new players” so that other users will want to join you.

– Before fully immersing yourself in the process of playing in the dungeons, you should first fully explore the caves and collect information that can be useful to you in subsequent stages. Once you get to this challenging game mode, you will already know some information about what lies ahead. In this regard, when passing the easy and medium levels, try to study each enemy and find their vulnerabilities. Also, take the time to think about strategies and learn how to survive.

– Don’t think that you can easily find the key that will open difficult dungeons. It will take you at least an hour and a half to find the key.

– If you are going to join a group of players, or create your own, then it is worth talking with the participants so that no one leaves the group. If someone leaves for any reason, then you may face certain difficulties.

– If you were accepted into a group where there are more experienced players than you, then you need to make every effort not to let your team down and complete the tasks.


As you approach the final stage, you should be prepared for a particularly challenging game mode. Mythic Dungeons are distinguished by their regular modifications and not always clear features. Before you go there, you need to get the experience of passing easy and medium dungeons. This knowledge will help determine tactics and strategies at difficult levels.

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