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Being scared is a vital part of everyone’s life. There are many instances where you had your mind on one thing, only to see something out of the blue that startled you. Horror is an important element in the world of entertainment, and it takes a bit of effort to produce it.

There are different types of horror titles, and some of them stay true to the genre, while others like to mix things up. Either way, horror plays a vital part in our digital culture when it comes to entertainment. For example, there are various social media filters that can make people look scary, and people use them to make stories and images.

Horror is a notable element in most TV shows and films. There are countless examples of it available today. Literature wouldn’t be the same without a bit of Dracula and Frankenstein, and screenwriters wouldn’t have anything to adapt if it weren’t for such titles.

With these examples in mind, you can see horror plays a pivotal role in the world of entertainment today. There are various aspects to this world, and all of them take an influence from the genre.

Horror and Film

People like being scared; otherwise, there wouldn’t be any horror films and TV shows around. Some films in the genre have adapted various works of horror literature. For example, Hammer Films, a production company from back in the day, has a plethora of Dracula and Frankenstein films.

If we move time a bit forward, you’ll notice that even the grand Francis Coppola has a horror flick under his belt. The film in question is Bram Stoker’s Dracula, and it’s an adaptation of the novel of the same name.

Nowadays, you have all sorts of horror films that tell a scary story and keep audiences on the edge of their seats. That’s the classic horror approach, but some directors have used horror to comment on various social aspects. For instance, titles like Get Out and The Babadook are horror films that explore racism and mental illness. Naturally, they champion against racism and show us how an untreated illness can alter a person.

Films and TV shows have come a long way, which is why the horror genre has improved. There are better effects nowadays, and thanks to streaming platforms, film and TV show crews can reach a larger audience that will always be wanting more.

Horror and Gaming

The world of gaming has a plethora of titles available for all sorts of players. Naturally, there are several classic horror franchises that have been captivating players for years. When it comes to classics, even gamers who aren’t into the genre will have played them.

For example, the Resident Evil franchise has several titles that give players a chance to walk that horror universe. The seventh installment has them traversing a Romanian village in the role of Ethan, looking for your daughter. The gist of the franchise is to use horror as an element of a story. There’s a certain virus about, and it’s turning people into zombies.

They do all sorts of creepy things that are scary to watch and creep up on you from all sides, which is why you need to stay alert. Being scared in a game might be an unpleasant feeling at first, but it will eventually lead to catharsis. You put your brain in survival mode, although you’re not really in danger. After a gaming session, you’ll even feel more alive.

In addition, horror can be a loose element in many platformer titles. There are several casual games like Five Nights at Freddy’s that use jump scares to scare you. Naturally, it’s a present element in a variety of titles, such as casino games.

There are lots of casino sites that feature loads of horror titles. The slots section will have several such titles as there are lots of providers that have been inspired by the genre. Alternatively, players can go for various other games and spin the reels in Folsom Prison, enjoy a game of blackjack, or try their luck with live poker. The sites will throw some bonuses their way and guarantee a secure gaming environment.

Horror can also be a part of a deeper story as is the case in the Silent Hill franchise, a title you’ll find in some of the lists of top titles of all time. The horror elements are represented by creatures that are parts of the main character’s psyche. Talking about them would reveal too much of the game, but it’s sufficient to say that it’s the sort of game that lets you scare yourself more by not acknowledging your inner thoughts.

Horror and the Digital Age

Aside from streaming platforms, horror makes use of various technologies in the modern world. Virtual technology has been used in some VR titles to create marvelous effects that immerse the players and keep them on their toes when they’re exploring a dark alley or a haunted mansion. Special effects have been vital to horror production since the first horror film came about.

A green screen can do wonders for film and TV shows today, but there are still directors and producers who use the old ways with props, devices, and masks when it comes to scaring an audience. Stuff-like prosthetics have evolved to be more comfortable and realistic, as they produce a life-like creature better than any other visual effect.

Horror in the digital age plays an important role in the world of entertainment and will continue to frighten future generations of people.

To Wrap Up

Horror allows anyone in the entertainment industry to scare an audience via films, story reels, TV shows, or video games. Jump scare tactics have been frequently used to induce fear in an audience because they like to be scared even if they don’t admit it. Fear is a primal human emotion that we’ve been experiencing for centuries, and thanks to the horror genre, we’ll continue to do so.

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