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Crafting Paper

One of Minecraft’s biggest draws is the many items and gadgets you can craft. And with each update, the crafting system becomes more innovative and complex. So it can be daunting trying to remember all the different crafting recipes. And one of the most useful items you can craft in the game is paper.

Paper is extremely easy to craft. All you need is three sugar canes. These can often be found near bodies of water. We recommend harvesting the sugar cane and creating a farm. It is extremely easy to cultivate and will provide a near-infinite supply of paper. 

In the crafting table, you simply need to place the three sugar canes in a line horizontally across, and it will produce paper. Paper on its own is relatively useless, but when you combine lots of paper together, you can create a few incredible items.

The Use of Paper

The main use of paper is creating maps. When used, maps create a visual representation of the world around you, including built structures. This is a great way to ensure you don’t get lost while exploring. I recently got into playing online prison modes thanks to this big list of Minecraft prison servers, and maps are one of the most useful items for planning your prison break.

There are two types of maps you can craft. The first uses only paper. You need a single piece of paper in all nine of the crafting table slots. This will make a map that shows you the environment it captures, but it won’t track where you are. 

But if you replace the centerpiece of paper on the crafting table with a compass, the produced map will show you your position on the map in real time. This is a great way to explore your world. To craft a compass, you need four iron bars and redstone dust. Place an iron bar on the top middle, bottom middle, far left, and far-right crafting slots. And place the redstone dust in the center.

Another use of paper is in creating books. To create a book, you need three bits of leather and one bit of paper. You need to place the paper in the bottom middle crafting space and then place the leather in the bottom left, middle left, and center crafting slots.

Books are used to make a number of things. You can create decorative bookshelves with them or an enchanting table, which is instrumental in progressing through the dungeons of Minecraft. You can also write in books, record observations, or leave messages for your friends. Or you can create bits of lore for your new world. 

Paper can also be used to create banners that can be used to decorate your base. There are a number of different banner designs to choose from, so we suggest turning to the wiki to see all the options available to you. 

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