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Today it’s quite hard to find something that would captivate and hold your attention for a pretty long time since you started the game for the first time. Such a problem results from a poor balance that the game and its updates provide and a general weak concept that gives some limited potential for the players to reveal. It is particularly important when we’re talking about battle-based games that have no story as a baseline. However, despite the such difficulty, Multiversus managed to complete this task successfully, and now you can enjoy the exciting variety of popular characters that are now playable. To learn, who is the best character in multiversus, you can get familiar with Mobalytics. What, where, who, and how – read below.

Multiversus introduction

First, let’s clear up what is the Multiversus game and how to deal with it. As the name suggests, the game offers a chance to put various characters in competition. A significant peculiarity in this regard is that those characters are taken from different universes or even real life. Most heroes you will meet here belong to Warner Bros., which is a publisher. To give an example of how diverse the characters are, let’s say you have a chance to play Batman to fight with Arya Stark, or Bugs Bunny against Jake the Dog.

The game offers a wide variety of opportunities to bring some diversity to the gameplay. For this, you can use the 2×2 battles, where you need to choose another character to be your partner in a battle. The gameplay becomes far more fascinating when you divide your roles in a session, so various characters have different capacities that allow them to better heal, lead, or kill. More detailed info about this you will find below.

To clarify all the matters and understand well what to do with particular heroes, the Mobalytics team has conducted a research where they described the crucial aspects to pay attention to. The results of this investigation you will find in the Mobalytics blog, but who are Mobalytics?

What Mobalytics offer

Mobalytics is a source of analytical information that helps you analyze your in-game activities and improve your skills daily. To provide the best performance, the Mobalytics team cared about a more permanent monitoring tool, which would capture the results of every action on every step of the game. Thus, they created an app that can show your performance at every stage of your game cycle: before, during, and after the game.

This tool works for a set of popular games, but not only this tool is the result of Mobalitics’ work. They also have a blog where they post various relevant analytical info concerning other events that take place. The articles are categorized and it’s comfortable to search for necessary information when you need to remind something. Uncategorized articles are assigned to the category of the same name, so it’s easy to find them too.

The article concerning the tier list of Multiversus characters is among uncategorized articles on the Mobalytics blog.

Tier list: what is the characters’ gradation?

The analytics of Multiversus characters shows that they are pretty harmonic and whatever goal you have, you will, most probably, find some hero to use for reaching it. To be more specific, the Mobalytics team tells that the balance of the game is not disturbed by anyone’s exceptional capacity, and in most cases, you can find another character to use instead of the one you chose first. It touches upon the heroes of the three top tiers.

There are five tiers all the characters are divided into:

  • S+ – almost perfect;
  • S – exceptional;
  • A – very good;
  • B – could be better;
  • C – bad.

When you look at those descriptions, remember about the tier lists are mostly a subjective estimation (in other words, opinion), and everything can be a little different in your case. Even if they pretend to be objective and analyze only the data without evaluative judgment, the situation can still be different because of an individual approach, or gameplay style a player has.

According to the results of the analysis the Mobalytics has done, they came to the summary, that Bugs Bunny is the best character of this patch. The heroes of tier S are the same good at their advantageous features but have more tangible inconveniences. Tier A has most of the characters you meet in the game, but depending on the situation, the heroes are interchangeable. It makes the difference between tiers S+, S, and A slightly visible. At the same time, Mid and Low tiers have more negative features and less potential to be developed. But these positions are still disputable depending on how the community will develop the characters and what the updates will change.

Why do the characters of Multiversus provide variability in gameplay?

When we talk about the characters of Multiverses, we need to consider three factors that create favorable conditions for variability:

  • the general rate of the tier list we mentioned above – gives a clear idea of which character is balanced the best;
  • the variability of classes the characters are assigned to – each hero has a certain function to do in teamwork or solo battles, and it defines the individual abilities that make some characters unique;
  • the diversity of difficulty levels – some characters of the same class can be different in how hard it is to handle them, and it provides more diversity in the gameplay.

When you start playing, you discover the uniqueness of capacities that each character has, and it explains even more. The combination of these factors determines the general gameplay richness.

Making the bottom line, it needs to be mentioned that Multiversus is a game with great potential as it provides considerable scope for character development even in those cases where the hero is considered a weak item. Read the Mobalitics analysis to look at things closer and enjoy new games feeling yourself a pro since the beginning of your game!

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