Over the past few years, Blizzard has repeatedly appeared in news feeds with loud headlines. Agree, their main project can truly be considered the iconic game World of Warcraft. The game has always been famous for a stable fan base, an interesting story, and steep plot twists.

Let’s talk about what the modern stage of the game is, what an additional Dragonflight looks like, and take all the power of inspiration for future games.

Before talking about the updates, let’s take a look at the basis. The first and most important thing for every player will always be to choose which version of World of Warcraft he or she would like to play. Servers are currently available:

  • World of Warcraft Classic: Wrath of the Lich King is the current version of the classic WotLK, which launched on September 26, 2022;
  • World of Warcraft Classic — the classic version of World of Warcraft;
  • World of Warcraft: Shadowlands — which became Dragonflight.

Choose which suits you more. As we have already said, let’s speak about playing Dragonflight.

Character Development

Leveling a character up is one of the main tasks of any player. Character growth is a significant engine of the game’s progress! Although this section is dedicated to pumping the main character, first, we have to make a remark about alternative characters. Nowadays, there are really a lot of ways how to develop a character. As an example, players can buy a cheap mythic 20 boost and start a game progress today. Or you can watch special videos and educate yourself.

Well, what’s first in the plot? At the beginning of the new expansion, the characters retain their old appearance, and until you enter the game with them, their maximum level will be limited by the previous expansion. Accordingly, if after launching Dragonflight you simply enter your character into the game and immediately exit, then the maximum level will be updated and the character will start to rest again, which will give the opportunity to receive bonus experience for a state of vivacity.

In other words, before starting the add-on, gamers recommend you enter the game with each level 60 character that you plan to develop in Dragonflight so that he starts to rest.

As for your main character, first of all, you have to open access to new locations and complete the introductory chain of tasks. After completing this stage, you will be able to transfer to the Dragon Islands. Getting here, you will find yourself in a small camp of your faction, where you will receive the first batch of tasks. After you complete all the tasks, you will get to the first “checkpoint” – the Embassy of the Winged Shelter.

In this place, you can learn Dragonflight professions. First of all, it is useful if you plan to start playing Dragonflight with mining professionals.

Dragon flights

Now it’s time to complete the story tasks! After a while, you will come to a new ability – flying on dragons. Don’t take it too seriously. It’s more like your goal is to have fun here!

You will not be able to skip the corresponding task. The plot rails will not let you pass by. After completing the task, you will get the desired skill.


After flying on dragons, it is necessary to return to the important task – pumping characters. Regardless of whether you want to play one character or plan to develop several heroes at once, your next goal is level 70.

It is important to level up to level 70 since you need to complete the starting chain to unlock new locations, get into the airship, and, once in the faction camp, complete several tasks.

If you have been pumping a character, then after you find yourself in the Embassy of the Winged Shelter, you will notice that instead of the usual plot, you will have a task, “Adventures on the Dragon Islands.”

Local tasks

In order to gain access to local tasks with alternative characters, players upgrade them to level 60.

In addition to experience and rewards for completing them, local tasks are also a way to diversify your pumping somewhat.

Weekly tasks

Weekly tasks are available to alternative characters. Players are able to complete 20 local tasks with their character of level 60. Therefore, you can immediately take a weekly task if it allows you to perform in passive mode without putting in any special effort.

There was a small description of the add-on for World of Warcraft. We hope that you have learned something new for yourself, picked up knowledge for future games, and got satisfaction from reading tips from the best players.

World of Warcraft is not just a game with a legendary history. It is a great hobby and a pastime with friends! Immerse yourself in this wonderful world and have fun playing!

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