We’re obviously massive fans of horror games here at Slender Game, as we love being scared stupid and feeling our heart-rate spike at all the on-screen trepidation. It’s even more gripping than watching a scary movie, as you’re in full control, meaning that you actually feel like the person who’s in danger. This is a truly thrilling ride and is equatable to getting on an amazingly designed rollercoaster at a theme park. 

We’ve previously discussed some of the best horror games available, where we talked about some of the biggest hitters of the genre, but this time round, we’re going to focus on a few of the most underrated horror games out there. So, strap yourselves in for some shocking twists and turns, and seek out these true terrors designed to frighten players. 


Obscure by name and seemingly obscure by nature, this survival horror entry is a gem that passed many people by when it was first released back in 2005. It takes massive inspiration from the 80’s slasher flicks that stoked such moral panic, such as Child’s Play, Friday the 13th, and A Nightmare on Elm Street. Set in a seemingly typical American High School, strange things start happening, which result in a group of students being locked in overnight, and it then just keeps evolving from weird to terrifying.  

In what is still a fascinating gameplay device, the player takes control of five different students, and the game gifts you the power of switching between them all with a press of a button. Each character has a distinct set of skills that can be taken advantage of to solve the various nightmare scenarios that come flying at you thick and fast and to try and unravel the haunting mystery. 

It’s a horror game that will have you using all of your wits to endeavor to come out of it alive, and the great news is Obscure is still available on Steam for PC users. 

Silent Hill: Shattered Memories 

The Silent Hill series has been scaring gamers to near-death since it burst onto the scene back in the 90s. It’s now become one of the most cherished horror franchises in gaming, with there being various games released on a wide range of consoles throughout the years and even virtual slot machines now available, such as Silent Hill Return

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The underrated game in the franchise that we’re recommending you hunt down immediately, though, is 2009’s Silent Hill: Shattered Memories. The game was first released onto the PS2 and was criminally overlooked due to it radically changing up the gameplay. However, the story is so gripping and executed so flawlessly that it makes for one of the most brilliantly tense playthroughs in gaming history. 


This 2D horror adventure game doesn’t need breathtaking graphics to install fear in its players. It just uses its hair-raising atmosphere and spine-tingling narrative. Released in 2017, Detention is an indie game that is a true hidden treasure for horror fanatics. It, perhaps, didn’t receive the attention it deserves because it was developed by a Taiwan company called Red Candle Games, meaning it didn’t quite get the spotlight treatment. 

What makes it particularly fascinating to a Western audience, though, is its use of traditional Chinese mythology, which makes the horrors that appear seem even more alien. Add to that a completely compelling story and characters that are so well written that you’re absolutely desperate to bring them to safety, and it’s one of the best horror releases of the past half-decade. 

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